Improving Health Outcomes Through Research

Vibrant communities exist when all community members are healthy and experience physical, emotional, and social well-being across the life course.

At Vital Research we are committed to partnering with organizations that seek to create opportunities for all individuals to lead long and healthy lives. We engage in research and evaluation work that focuses on direct service provision and work that seeks to deepen understanding about contextual factors that influence health outcomes and often result in health disparities. Areas of expertise include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Education on Mental Health Issues and Early Intervention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Nutrition and Obesity
  • Trauma Informed Care

 Expertise & Experience

  • Public Health

    Public Health

    We work with organizations that address public health issues through prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. We provide research services to programs that address issues such as violence, nutrition and obesity, and services for aging adults.

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    We partner with organizations that are committed to improving mental health at the population level by providing education or training services, resource and referral agencies, trauma informed care, and school-based services.